Garden Jobs for December

Garden Jobs for December

What I have noticed mostly its the festive month and planning is afoot and can get expensive but look at the garden as your sorce for decorating the home, children love making things and decorating, even getting the paints out, also decorating the garden just outside the window some wood branches painted white red or blue and placed in pots on the lawn dotted about hang a few babbles on them. Have fun .

Winter pruning apples and pear trees, prune to allow space between the branches this will reduce deseases in the trees it is also ideal planting out bare root trees.

Digging bare ground and mulch the borders clear away debris to prevent harbouring slugs and snails as this has been the most persistant pest this year. PLan your runner bean area and cover with a good layer of manure or compost as this is a hungry crop

Good to look at seed catalogues for what to grow next year in the garden /allotment. but avoid growing things your most likely not going to eat .Sow little and often to help spread maturing crops.

Check your tools if need of some repair ,clean them up and sharpen blades , hand tools also make wonderful presents

Although their is not much in flowers in the garden shrubs and trees have shapes and foilage can be colourful in itself Phormiums and grasses make for noise in the garden with the wind blowing through them

Clean pots, trays and boxes I must admit we have so many pots a lot are stored outside and cleaned by the rain then brought in the glasshouse when needed

If you stored your strawberry plants outside in pots they can be brought into the glasshouse to start and get an earlier crop in December.

Examine all stored vegetables for rot

Sow mustard and cress on the window ledge indoors for regular picking of micro greens

We have a hedgehog snoring away in the glasshouse its remarkably loud all wrapped up in polystyrene trays so we have abandoned that area at the moment till Spring, we have left a tray of water which will be refreshed on our rota of watering

Make a mixed Christmas tub or large pot Skimmea with berries Galtheria also comes to mind with some trailing ivies for height in a large pot some dogwoods with their colour barks and place some cyclamen to give some real colour

Pot plants for indoors Azaleas cyclamen,christmas cactus and chrysanthemums seem to be the favourites, others I always get a Ponsettia but still plum for the dark red, Cineraria and calceolaria are blowsy flowers but need it on the cool side in the house to make them last. Orchids still outshine plants bought at Christmas, although you can get these all year round, amazing

Catch water this winter with a water butt , rain water is ideal to water your ericaceous plants camellias, rhododendrons and blueberries also your azalea plants you bought for inside and orchid plants,

Tea bags in the compost heap please avoid, as there is still plastic incorporated to help seal the bags, loose tea is safe .or rip the bags open and put tea in compost and dispose the bag separately. and who does this, not me .

Many local councils use pesticides in urban surrounds to clear edges of paths and around children playgrounds, home owner also take to quick remedies these have no contribution to our food supply, apart from killing our pollinating insects off , Some cities have chosen to lessen the use and some have totally banned them , chemicals are not needed, so experts are calling for a total ban to the Uk government .

Mike Ellard Aslake Community Glasshouse growers.

Very old Christmas Decorations made out of polystyrene egg cartons
Wreath building Goodgym visit
preparing plants for Christmas
Norfolk and Norwich Show
Christmas in Sydney airport

Trolley gave up the ghost

Finally the plant sale trolley collapsed this morning as I put it out for plant sales the plants fell through the floor of the trolley so took into the glasshouses to have a look bought new boards for it at great expense now cut to size need of some paint and the frame is drying this will need a coat of paint as well get the metal paint out as well for this some bolts need attention as rusted through

Started removing the saturated wood from the base it was full of water no wonder it weighed a ton to pull
It’s a new beginning

Sensory garden Sprowston Library a lot of community spirit wasted

Before the pandemic we started a worthy project a sensory garden for the community group of people helped we had little funding to start but with a lot of effort from everyone it started to grow involving schools,youth groups SYEP,Cubs &brownies,dementia group and blind all were going to use this space it’s was away from everyone safe space just what was needed after the pandemic outside

Now they have put in planning to build all over it to extend the library as it’s very popular with the people that’s just been mentioned they say we haven’t used it , we did not have the chance it was still growing ,access was being improved for wheelchairs etc and it was going to have an opening day with a local celebrity Alan Gray from East Ruston Gardens and local radio gardening programs also helped us with ideas for the garden with Sprowston Youth engagement project

I’m afraid the garden won’t exist after this what a disappointment to Sprowston