Sensory garden Sprowston Library a lot of community spirit wasted

Before the pandemic we started a worthy project a sensory garden for the community group of people helped we had little funding to start but with a lot of effort from everyone it started to grow involving schools,youth groups SYEP,Cubs &brownies,dementia group and blind all were going to use this space it’s was away from everyone safe space just what was needed after the pandemic outside

Now they have put in planning to build all over it to extend the library as it’s very popular with the people that’s just been mentioned they say we haven’t used it , we did not have the chance it was still growing ,access was being improved for wheelchairs etc and it was going to have an opening day with a local celebrity Alan Gray from East Ruston Gardens and local radio gardening programs also helped us with ideas for the garden with Sprowston Youth engagement project

I’m afraid the garden won’t exist after this what a disappointment to Sprowston