Garden Jobs in October It’s one of those changing turning points of the year harvesting is well under the way, start storing vegetables and fruit for the winter months but also a perfect time for planting fruit trees To help fruit trees establish quicker making good strong roots, Mycorrhizal fungi is your secret weapon,  ideal for woody subjects simply apply the granules directly to the planting hole.Clear your summer bedding from tubs and containers, move half hardy and tender plants under protection for the winter. Replace with hyacinths and tulips to flower in the spring Pansies, violas, bellis, polyanthus and primroses can still be planted if mild.Tomatoes are coming to an end if you still have Un ripened fruit hang the plant upside down to assist the ripening process Plant up lettuce into pots under protection choose winter varieties for this as they are better coping with the low light levels.Earth leeks up a little to improve the stem whitening also sprouts to stop wind rock as they get top heavy with growth it also pays to actually stake sprouts .House plants have started to slow down so reduce watering levels, to clean large leaves on house plants, a tip,  wipe with mayonnaise on a soft cloth this will also feed the leaf and make them shine.Gather leaves to make leaf mould this can be put into the compost heap avoid conifers leaves or even better put into a black bin liner cut a few holes in the bottom and seal bag and store in the garden away from direct light. This can be added to your potting mixes at a later date.Leave seed heads on plants for the birds, Pot up your herbs for winter use Now is the time to plant up new Strawberry beds if your existing beds are over 4 years old , young plants will have a longer period to get established, fork in plenty of well-rotted manure or compost as these are hungry plants last year, I planted three varieties all similar in growth variety Christine, Fenella and Malling Centenary, these you could eat the core as this is usually hard. they did produce a good size first year crop but next year will be the big reward.October keeps an eye out for the sales lots of bargains to be had, especially seeds they are always worthwhile.when buying plants always go for an odd number threes or fives they always look more natural and avoid planting flower beds in rows.If you are starting out with a new garden don’t wait to see what turns up this being classic advice to new gardeners bite the bullet and start your adventure start growing and don’t be afraid to get stuck in.Bring herbs in from garden if you can give protection they will reward you through the winter with supplies small amounts useful in cooking mint parsley, chives, tarragon and thyme are my choices as during winter tend to die down  you still can grow basil, coriander and parsley from seed, remember not to overwater as some of these plants are Mediterranean and require lots of sun , an idea to get a grow light to compensate for the reduction in light Plant garlic this month at the latest but no longer than November also Autumn onions can go in buying sets or planting your seeds from last month these will be ready to harvest in June /July next year but won’t be any good to store End of the month Pumpkin harvest and carving I wonder how many of you have actually carved a pumpkin, let alone cooked pumpkin pie its a great favourite with all the family ,If you haven’t had a go.We have carved pumpkins for the last 3 years this crop makes you feel its harvest time , and is enjoyed be everyone although messy, don’t throw away the seed can save for next year’s plants or roasted in the oven to make a snack.

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